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10th October 2016

When renting a property, you must take care of it as if it were your own, even though you aren't the legal owner. Although it may seem obvious, there are certain things tenants need to make sure they keep on top of themselves. 

The most common issue reported to us by tenants is that a lightbulb isn't working. It's a simple fix that tenants should be resolving themselves. However, we can understand why it is reported. When tenants are informed that the property is managed by Monreal Shaw, it may imply that we will deal with everything that goes wrong, at the landlord's expense. If we were to get someone to replace a lightbulb, the landlord would be charged the cost of a call-out fee, which can be anywhere from £40-£80. It's not economically reasonable for a landlord to pay for this. Tenants are responsible for replacement of bulbs and doesn't cost much at all. 
Other items that tenants should resolve themselves are listed below:
• keeping the property clean, inside and out
• unblocking sinks and drains
• using heating systems responsibly
• cleaning windows
• not to maliciously damage the property
There isn't a definitive list of what a tenant is responsible for. However, we always say to look at it as if you are the home owner. Would you pay a call out fee for someone to replace a lightbulb? Would you pay someone to unblock a sink when you can easily and cheaply buy a drain unblocker? They really are simple fixes and take virtually no time at all.
Your tenancy agreement should cover what your responsibilities are and what your landlord's responsibilities. If you are unsure, you can click on the link below for further advice:
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