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The rental process may seem daunting but don't worry, the process can actually be enjoyable! We've provided the information below to guide you and help explain the process in detail. If there's something you're unsure of, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist. Click on the links below for more information.

Register your details early

In a highly competitive rental market, it is highly recommended you start your property search at least 2 months before you need to move. Why? The best properties become available 2 months before it is vacant and they quickly get snapped up. Pop in to our office for a chat, or give us a call on 02089802245 to register your details and tell us about your requirements. 

Three most important things

We often ask tenants what the three most important things are that they are looking for in a property, and most tenants often find after giving some thought, that there are certain things they require that they didn't think was initially important. It's a good idea to write up a list of what you see as essentials in a property. Rank them in order from 'most important' to 'least important'. This will help you in your decision making process. 

Make a shortlist of properties you want to view

Now that you are armed with your list of essentials, you can start making arrangements to view properties that match your requirements. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time in each property - if you decide to take it, it will likely be for a long term so try to imagine yourself living in the property. 

Always keep in mind, some properties may be messy (or 'lived in') if there is someone living there at the time of your viewing. Don't let that put you off. Properties are professionally cleaned between tenancies  so it will look a lot better once the current tenant leaves. Focus on the layout of the property and the space it offers. Your imagination is key!

Placing an offer

Now that you have found a property, you will need to propose a written offer to the owner of the property. You can do so by coming back to the office with the consultant who showed you around, or fill in an online electronic form which we can send to your email. 

If you have any requests, it is important you make it known on the offer form as the landlord may not accept requests after your offer is accepted. 

Offer is accepted! (subject to references and contract...)

Once your offer is agreed by the landlord, the paperwork process will begin. It takes between 3-5 working days for this stage to be completed (sometimes this can be longer). During this stage, we will conduct references on all tenants and then issue the contract for signatures, which can be completed electronically or in our office. 

You can click on the handy link below for more detailed information on the offer process. 

Tenant's guide - click to download and view

Payment of final balance 

An invoice will be sent to you detailing the balance that is due. This needs to be paid and clear in our account before we can meet you at the property for handover and an inventory report/check-in. 

Please view the downloadable guide below for information on the costs involved when renting a property. Every agent varies in their fees, so make sure you check exactly what the fee covers and if there are any further charges at the end of the tenancy. 

Rental fees - click to download and view


This is the final part of the process before you can officially move in and call your new place 'home'. A clerk will meet you and go through the entire property with you to record the condition of it. This is an important part of the tenancy. You will have the opportunity to add any comments within 7 days in case you notice something that the clerk misses. It is common for this to happen as you notice more in 7 days than the clerk does in a few hours!

Any questions? Feel free to call us on 02089802245 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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