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Property lettings are simple with Monreal Shaw.

Monreal Shaw can help you with all your property lettings needs, whether you are new to the market or own a number of investments.

Property lettings are easy when you let us help you

Whether you have one investment or have a portfolio containing several, at Monreal Shaw we understand how time-consuming and stressful overseeing property lettings can be.

That is why our experienced, highly-regarded and friendly property lettings service has given us a reputation as one of the best letting agents in London. Whatever problem you have or question you need answering, our professional account managers are on hand to support you through the property lettings process.

Discover how we can help you manage your portfolio by contacting us today.

Void periods are minimised for your apartments to let

You may have the best properties to let in London and in other cities, but the effectiveness of your investment is minimised if they are empty of tenants. At Monreal Shaw, we are proud of our ability to ensure flats, houses and apartments are filled with the right people.

The property lettings process can be a hassle and time-consuming, which is where your personal account manager comes in. They work really hard to market your residential assets and ensure they are in demand with those looking to rent.

They will guide you through the valuations process, making sure that you are receiving the right level of rent for the type, size and area your investments are located in.

And once we have selected the right tenants to rent your residential space, we quickly deal with all the paperwork involved in the property lettings process to ensure the void period is kept to a minimum.

This means in some cases we can make your accommodation ready for a new tenant within a day if that is what you require - and it is all possible with Monreal Shaw's experienced account managers.

Our property lettings service - what is involved?

Our property lettings service can be tailored to your needs, ensuring that as an investor you receive the guidance and support you require.

We can simply help you find individuals to rent your flats, houses or apartments, or perhaps you would like to find tenants through a different channel and let us oversee the management of the property. This includes maintaining the space, ensuring all landlord rules and regulations are met and dealing with all related paperwork to keep it up to date.

Alternatively, you might like to take advantage of our property lettings and management service, which combines the two. If you are new to the investment market - or simply want to know more - why not check out our guide for landlords, which will hopefully help you understand what is involved with letting out residential property.

We even have a guide for tenants so they know what to expect when trying to find a new home and our friendly account managers are more than happy to spend time with them to make sure they are comfortable with the property lettings process.

Find out more about Monreal Shaw Lettings in London.

Our successful property lettings operations have allowed us to enjoy a highly-regarded reputation, with most of our business coming from recommendations.

Whether you have one asset or several, why not find out how we have established ourselves as one of the leading residential agencies in London? Our professional account managers offer the same high-quality service to investors, landlords and tenants alike, ensuring everyone is happy each step of the way.

To find out more about our property lettings process, contact Monreal Shaw London.



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